Switch helps clients communicate directly with audiences in Asia and the Middle East.


We take time to understand your business. We identify your target readership. We create world-class content that people want to read.

Then we deliver that content - through print, social, and the internet - to wherever your audience is.

In complex new markets, our local knowledge gets your message understood.


Based in Dubai, Qatar and Singapore, Switch publishes everything from small-run to globally-distributed magazines and newspapers.


We build user-centric websites and deep social media campaigns.

We develop solidly innovative corporate collateral.

We do this for governments and businesses of every size - both those looking into, and those looking outside Asia and the Middle East.

Because Switch lives and breathes the rapidly expanding economies of these regions, it is in our nature that all work should be in multiple languages, as standard.

Most importantly, our clients expect that their content genuinely reaches the tightly defined target audiences we help define and build in their chosen areas.

Our in-country teams offer long term strategies across web, social and print to achieve this. They provide the A-Z execution of these strategies: from design, to editorial, to global distribution.

Regardless of the medium you choose, you can be certain that we will only ever produce beautifully crafted content that generates a measurable response.

If you are looking for a content marketing partner in Asia or the Middle East, Switch is it.   



Switch Limited
1103A, Business Central Towers
Dubai Media City
PO Box 24173

+97150 655 7490