Slovenian Forum of Corporate Media (represented by PM, poslovni mediji)


The Slovenian Forum of Corporate Media was established on 4 March 2010 at the first POMP forum - SE European content marketing conference. PM, poslovni mediji is its member and representative. The Forum at the moment brings together 5 agencies, publishers and producers of corporate media and content. Its aim is to raise awareness among organizations and companies in Slovenia, the professional development of the corporate media and its promotion.


PM, poslovni mediji, a representative and a founding member of The Slovenian Forum of Corporate Media, is the first comprehensive content marketing agency in Slovenia with a thorough understanding of content, of long-term communications strategic planning and of the effectiveness of communication tools.


The agency is specialized in complex communications projects, creative innovative multimedia web solutions, the custom media, communication advice, event organization, creative design, and integrated communication campaigns.

PM, poslovni mediji manages communications projects for numerous Slovenian companies, including Porsche Slovenija, KD Group, UniCredit Bank, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Triglav Insurance Company, The Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, Raiffeisen Bank, NLB, Petrol, etc.

Key Facts

The size of the Slovenian content marketing market has been steadily growing for the past couple of years. In 2010, it is estimated at EUR 4.5 MIO. There is a gradual growth of share of digital magazines vs. print; in 2010 the ratio is 55:35, the latter is a 5-percent growth in digital mags.


The Slovenian market is very interesting. The majority of companies publish at least an internal magazine and almost a third a customer magazine (usually in a form of an internal magazine); however mostly their editorial concept and content are of very low quality and most of the time it is about informing the public of what happens in the company. The companies thus understand their magazines as a PR tool.

There are 5 agencies working that specialise in corporate publishing, however, PM, poslovni mediji produce the majority of customer magazines and it is the only agency in Slovenia that creates and produces digital customer magazines; in 2010 its digital customer magazines have received 3 global digital magazine awards.

PM, poslovni mediji is an organizer of an annual content marketing event in Slovenia - POMP Forum.



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