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Customer media in The Netherlands is a growing and creative industry that is estimated to employ at least 7.500 people and generate revenues of over 800 million euros.

Platform Content, Customer Media Association, is the representative body of the industry.

Platform Content's main aim is to assist in the development of the reputation and professionalism of the industry and it seeks to achieve this through three areas of focus: research, improving knowledge exchange and promoting customer media.


Platform Content assists the development of the customer media industry in The Netherlands. The association promotes quality through the provision of an annual awards ceremony, conducts research and facilitates promotional activities. Smin provides a vehicle for promoting customer media and a referral point for clients looking for a customer media agency.

Platform Content shares information - available research, market data, case studies, and marketing materials - from the customer media industry among its members.  The association acts as a central source of information. Platform Content promotes awareness of the effectiveness of customer media as a marketing / communication medium. It  provides a network of contacts, acts as a forum for debate of the developing marketplace and develops joint education programmes. 

Key Facts

Customer media is booming business in The Netherlands. Each year new brands invest in the medium. There are about 120.000 different Dutch customer magazine titles. The total circulation of customer magazines in the Netherlands totals up to half a billion. Each inhabitant of The Netherlands receives on average 40 different customer magazine titles a year.

On average customer magazines keep a consumer’s attention for 25 minutes. Readers of a customer magazine from a financial institution pay on average 19 minutes attention to the content of the magazine. Readers of a customer magazine from a public authority pay even up to 29 minutes attention to the magazine.  Customer magazines of public authorities are the most appreciated titles. Customer magazines of NGO’s get the best grades of their receivers.

Internal magazines of financial institutions are the best read. 78% of the receivers reads in every edition at least one article.

Online media play a growing role within the customer mediamix. The strengthening value of physical and online customer media is mainly caused by the content of the media and the way they refer to each other. Because of the specifications of each medium and the way they are used, printed media should contain different types of information than online media. Online media offer a platform for a dialog between target group and brand. Online media have a huge additional value for a brand when it comes to interaction.



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