FPPA Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association


FPPA represents all magazine categories in Finland: consumer magazines, business and association magazines and customer magazines. All the most prominent publishers are members. The work of the association aims to better the economical situation of member publishers.


The object of the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association is to attend to the mutual and common interests and rights of the magazine publishers.


  • Looking after members' interests
  • Statements at the aspect of magazine publishers i.e. about government bills, postal and fiscal matters, information and consumer protection matters
  • Marketing of magazines (organized marketing campaigns, magazine events)
  • Research (Media fidelity, Magazine expenditure, Productivity etc.)
  • Courses ( information events on current issues)
  • Magazines in education( media education for teachers, material for planning and teaching media education in schools etc.)
  • Juridical help for members
  • Press card

Key Facts

The Finnish magazine business is built upon a uniquely strong foundation. There are about 3,400 published titles in Finland – the world record in relation to population size. Despite the already huge number of titles, almost 30 new magazines are launched in Finland every year. Year 2009 seems to be no exception. Magazine brands in Finland are robust, and the demise of prominent magazines is rare.

In 2008, Finnish magazines enjoyed a slight increase in overall circulation, and a survey concluded in spring 2009 also saw an increase in readership. In particular, various customer and financial magazines attracted new readers.

Depending on the magazine type, advertising revenue constitutes from 20 to 25 % of the overall magazine revenue.


Lönnrotinkatu 11 A, PO Box 267, 00121 Helsinki

+ 358 9 2287 7280, +358 40 513 2210