Forum Corporate Publishing e.V. Switzerland


Forum Corporate Publishing Switzerland includes 13 Swiss service providers specialising in customer publishing. Switzerland has played an active role in the transnational Forum Corporate Publishing e.V. since its foundation in 1999.

The Swiss market is characterised by the following:

- Small domestic market (with a multilingual national culture)
- A corresponding level of internationality and intercultural skills
- An extremely far-reaching media tradition (e.g. as regards typographic design)

- Individualised, sophisticated target group concepts
- A fully developed “language” as regards moving images (corporate films, videos)
- Innovative projects
- Publishing approach: extremely flexible (small domestic market).

The FCP members in Switzerland remain in continual contact, meeting several times a year. The branch office is located in Munich, Germany (see transnational FCP e.V.: Austria / Germany / Switzerland)


  • European CP Academy (seminars and workshops)
  • European CP Institute (surveys about the CP market and development)
  • communication platform
  • participation in working groups
  • monthly newsletter
  • homepage with branch news, data bank and member profiles
  • co-operation with research company TNS EMNID (CP Standard)
  • public relations
  • publications: Factbook and membership index

Key Facts

Key Facts for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • total number of customer publications: 15.000
  • FCP member publications: 2.000
  • market share of FCP members: 75 %
  • annual circulation FCP members: 950 million copies
  • digital publications per member: > 10
  • total turnover : > 4,5 billion €


Key Facts for Award and Conference BCP Best of Corporate Publishing

  • biggest CP-competition in Europe
  • 650 publications in the competition (2009)
  • partnership with the three most important marketing magazines in Germany
  • main categories: B2B (7 branches) und B2C (10 branches)
  • further categories: Digital Publishing, Inhouse communication, specials (corporate books etc.)
  • Congress and Award ceremony with 700 attendants


International contact person for FCP Switzerland, Viviane Egli (Primafila AG)
Hornbachstrasse 50
8034 Zürich

+41 (0) 44 389 84 66

+41 (0) 44 389 84 14