Forum Corporate Publishing e.V. Austria


Market Overview Austria

The small overall market (approx. 8 million inhabitants) with correspondingly small target groups is reflected in the Austrian CP market:

  • There are few publications with circulation numbers in the six-figures; they appear mainly in economic sectors with high market concentration, e.g., food trade.
  • Numerous small publications, not infrequently with circulation numbers of under 1000, require a high level of creativity and productivity from service providers, in order to optimally utilize limited budgets.
  • The relatively strong presence of Austrian companies in Central and Eastern Europe, however, also allows for interesting international CP projects.


  • European CP Academy (seminars and workshops)
  • European CP Institute (surveys about the CP market and development)
  • communication platform
  • participation in working groups
  • monthly newsletter
  • homepage with branch news, data bank and member profiles
  • co-operation with research company TNS EMNID (CP Standard)
  • public relations
  • publications: Factbook and membership index

Key Facts

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • total number of customer publications: 15.000
  • FCP member publications: 2.000
  • market share of FCP members: 75 %
  • annual circulation FCP members: 950 million copies
  • digital publications per member: > 10
  • total turnover : > 4,5 billion €


Award and Conference BCP Best of Corporate Publishing

  • biggest CP-competition in Europe
  • 650 publications in the competition (2009)
  • partnership with the three most important marketing magazines in Germany
  • main categories: B2B (7 branches) und B2C (10 branches)
  • further categories: Digital Publishing, Inhouse communication, specials (corporate books etc.)
  • Congress and Award ceremony with 700 attendants


International contact person for FCP Austria, Klaus Lerch (EGGER & LERCH GmbH)
Kirchengasse 1a/5
1070 Vienna

+43 (0) 1 5248900-17

+43 (0) 1 5248900-9