BPMO Edigrup specializes in the creation and development of corporate publishing strategies. These are based on excellence in design and content, which generate value and fit in with company strategy.

BPMO Edigrup is the leading independent agency in Spain for publishing strategy consultancy and implementation services.

We currently produce:
74 corporate publications
For more than 60 customers
With an average of 15 monthly magazines.

Corporate strategy development
BPMO Edigrup has all the necessary tools to expand corporate strategy and ensure its effective and functional perception. We create publications that convey your message the right way. We create and develop corporate publishing strategies.

Content creators
BPMO Edigrup also produces the latest in content for both national and international publications. Its Contents department has an extensive network of leading collaborators.

Corporate publishing design
Once a publication's concept has been defined, the Graphics department gives it the most appropriate form to achieve its goals.

BPMO Edigrup combines experience and creativity.


Publishing consultancy
Content creation and publishing design
Writing and editing content
Proofreading and translation
Drawing up graphic and journalism style guides
Journalistic specialisation by sector
Photography, illustrations and information graphics
Production control
In company training
Publishing research
Advertising sales consultancy
Publishing launches
Header record
Multichannel and multiplatform publishing strategies
In house process consultants
ROI calculation studies


Corporate magazines (internal, external, sales and institutional networks)
Reports and annual reports
Corporate and commemorative books
Quick news
Welcome manuals
Practical manuals
Event publishing
Press supplements


BPMO Edigrup is part of Grupo BPMO, an independent communication group founded in 1992 with offices in Madrid and Barcelona. At Grupo BPMO we put our hearts, our heads and our skills to build Surround Communication for our clients. Surround Communication means communicating through all five senses and six agencies. We are emotions managers; we create passion between brands and their audiences. This passion is not impulsive but rather responds to a business strategy.

Grupo BPMO's six agencies work together and have a shared core business: corporate communication. Hand in hand they offer an integrated service, from concept and strategy to implementation and result analysis.

BPMO Edigrup, custom publishing
DcorporateCom, off and online public relations
concept advertising soul, advertising
BPMO photo, photography and video, digital communication
Glob Event Thinking, events

Communication without Borders

We offer our services in Spain and across the globe. Through global projects and partnerships with foreign independent agencies, we carry out international campaigns wherever the needs of our clients take us.

In custom publishing, BPMO Edigrup launched Magathink, a global alliance of custom publishers. Its partners come from the world's best independent firms. Together they offer their knowhow in the development and implementation of global corporate publishing strategies. Through its worldwide competence and expertise, Magathink brings added value to both its clients and the partners it represents.

Surround Communication

Key Facts

  1. In Spain, magazines represent the second most popular method of communication by audience with 18,4 million readers.
  2. The magazines with the highest circulation in Spain are corporate magazines.
  3. 85% of regular readers of corporate magazines believe that it¹s the best way for a company to present its products or services.
  4. Custom publishing growth and development in Spain are able to remain constant by using different modes of publication, both in print and digital, in order to stay connected with all target audiences.
  5. 91% of readers consider customer magazines to be informative, providing information that is relevant to them and their lives.
  6. In Spain, the magazine commands more reader loyalty at 48,6% than national newspapers at 39,8%.
  7. Every Spaniard reads on average 30 magazines a year.



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BPMO EDIGRUP, P Castellana, 121, 6th floor B 28046 Madrid, SPAIN

Barcelona: +34 93 363 78 40

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