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CMA members are industry leaders, providing high quality magazines and online solutions to your content provision and marketing strategy needs. APA currently has a membership of 36 publishing agencies, representing more than 80 per cent of the UK industry and publishing magazines on behalf of more than 370 leading companies.

The first organisation of its kind, CMA is leading the advance of customer magazines on the international stage. It has been the blueprint for similar organisations in the USA and South Africa, forming international associations with the USA's Custom Publishing Council (CPC) and South Africa's Custom Publishing South Africa (CPSA).

Key Facts

  1. It's estimated that the customer publishing industry is currently worth around £900m and is projected to be worth £1 billion by 201. 
  2. Content Marketing is the second fastest growing marketing medium after internet advertising. 
  3. On average, customer magazines keep a consumer's attention for 25 minutes, which is signifcantly more than the eight seconds looking at a poster or 20-30 seconds listening to a radio ad. In essence it compares to 50, 30 second TV ads. 
  4. 57 per cent of consumers read at least half of a customer magazine, while top performing magazines manage to engage 78 per cent. 
  5. Customer magazines increase brand loyalty by 32 per cent. 
  6. 47 per cent of readers are more likely to purchase products featured in a customer magazine than in any other type of marketing or advertising. 
  7. 120 new brands have invested in the medium over the past year, which equates to one launch per working day. 
  8. Customer publishers deliver digital editorial content to over 45 per cent of their client base, with most having expert in-house digital staff. 
  9. Customer magazines dominate the Top Ten publications by circulation, with the top four publications all customer magazines. 
  10. Readers of customer magazines are more likely to hold positive views on the brand, which is incredibly valuable in a world where advocacy and word of mouth play a significant role in a brand's success.



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