About ICMF

The ICMF is the international body representing and driving best practices for the global customer publishing and editorial content industry. Sharing knowledge, ideas and research, the forum unites the global branded content industry- with the common goal of promoting effective branded editorial content as a key audience engagement tool.

Founded in 2007, the forum’s membership base is made up of content marketing trade bodies, from across the world;17 countries now come together annually to discuss and debate the leading issues in the global publishing arena.

The value of the global customer publishing market stands at £550 billion. Research has shown that an effective editorial communication can lead to increased ROI, engagement, brand enhancement, increased sales and customer retention.

Whether it be an on or offline solution; for a small or large organization, the customer publishing medium engages the consumer and leads to greater affinity with the brand. For more information on how the services of ICMF members can help develop your brand, contact or